Plants as Gifts for Christmas

Plants as Gifts for Christmas

Presenting plants as gifts at Christmas time, birthdays or any special occasion, is a unique and thoughtful option. Loved ones and friends will appreciate the life and colour it will bring into their homes now and in the future.

Give Your Loved Ones a Living Gift

Whether the lucky recipient is an avid gardener or someone who can only manage to maintain a cactus, plants as gifts symbolise friendship and connection. It’s also a meaningful way of expressing that you care about their health and well-being.

Plants make fantastic Christmas presents because:

  • Plants bring happiness and joy with their natural green beauty
  • You help add a touch of nature into their home and surroundings
  • Offering something beautiful lightens and brightens up living spaces
  • As natural air-purifiers and oxygen providers, plants promote a healthy lifestyle
  • Nurtured properly, plants are long-lasting and sustainable

Beginners or Plant Lovers – Does it Matter?

Green thumb or not, plant gifts are suitable for everyone across all gardening levels. If you are concerned about giving a plant to a friend who has never owned one, we suggest looking into low-maintenance indoor options.

For friends or relatives who are keen gardeners, the choices are endless. You could even look for a rare type of plant that may require extra attention and care.

Top 5 Plants to Give As Gifts

Every plant is unique and different. With so many types and categories to choose from, we have compiled a list of top plant gift ideas for inspiration:

1. Spider Plant

Easy to care for and only requires weekly watering, Spider Plants are perfect for the gardening newbie.

2. Peace Lily

As an ideal indoor plant, the Peace Lily brings charm to a home with glossy green leaves and stunning white buds.

3. Monstera

A vibrant large houseplant with low maintenance, the Monstera needs minimal sunlight to flourish. Best suited for larger homes.

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig

This trendy indoor tree is ideal for experienced gardeners as it requires constant watering, plenty of natural sunlight, pruning and fertilising.

5. Calathea ‘Medallion’

Nicknamed ‘prayer plants’, their leaves will open and close throughout the day. Cathalea owners will only need to water it once a week, while placing it in moderate light.


We highly recommend giving plants as gifts this Christmas. What better way to provide the gift recipient with an ongoing reminder of how much you care about them?

When making your choice of plant, our team can advise on the level of care required and the most suitable location for each type of plant.

As your local gardenologists, we’re the plant experts. We specialise in garden maintenance, raised vegetable gardens, garden makeovers and landscape design in Murwillumbah, the Tweed Coast, Tweed Heads, Northern Rivers and the Far North Coast areas. We love helping your plants and garden thrive!


Still wondering which plants to give to your family and friends this Christmas? We can definitely help you …  We invite you to call our friendly team on 0448 300 736 to chat about plants as gifts, or your garden and backyard landscaping ideas today.