Garden Makeover Picture

As flood victims ourselves, we understand the importance of community support during these difficult times.

We wanted to give something back to our amazing community by helping someone severely flood affected get back on their feet. Together with local businesses Tweed Landscape Supplies, Kingscliff Nursery and A1 Skips, we created a Garden Makeover Giveaway 4 times more than the original value of $10K.

We were overwhelmed with over 100 entries to the garden makeover giveaway. It was extremely difficult to choose a winner but I’m sure you’ll agree Maddie and her family were so deserving of this makeover. Here is the winning entry by Maddie’s 90 year old grandmother Sandra. 

‘My granddaughter has 4 young children including 3 little boys aged 4, 5 & 7. Two of the boys have ADHD and one has a rare genetic disorder which includes epilepsy and Autism. Their house had 1.6m of water go through the bottom storey so as you can imagine their yard was and is like a swamp. The kids’ school, preschool & day-care were all also flooded so the children have been struggling having nowhere to run and play. They have used the entirety of their savings to start repairing the yard space, but that money could be used on the much-needed house repairs if they were lucky enough to win a prize like this.’

What we did:
  • Removal of all debris
  • Creating a clean, fresh slate by concreting several key areas including the above ground pool area, the outdoor entertaining/ fire pit area, the enclosed bin area, and utilising the under the stairs area.
  • Laying fresh turf across the front, back and side of house allowing the kids amble space to run and play
  • Creating a raised garden bed with plenty of fresh vegetables and herbs ready to flourish
  • Creating a styled enclosed area with gate to disguise bins.
  • Implementing several large garden troughs along the side of house to increase privacy
  • Creating a relaxing outdoor entertaining area including timber arbor, fire pit area, bench seating, garden trellis, large pots with gorgeous jasmine climbers, and planters
  • Creating a decorative pool surround including stained timber fencing and stylish pots and plants.
  • Decorative pots and hanging plants to spruce up the front of the house

$500 vouchers for runner ups

As a special addition we will be offering the 2 runners up of the competition a $500 Early Up voucher to get back on their feet. We will be knocking on their doors to present the cheques over the next couple of weeks.

Follow us @earlyupptyltd to see who the winners are!

Cover of the Tweed Valley Weekly with the winners of the Early Up $10k garden makeover giveaway
Article dated 30 June 2022 in the Tweed Valley Weekly about the winner of the $10k garden makeover giveaway