With another La Nina weather event on its way, now is the time to prepare your garden for a wet summer. Above-average rainfall and cooler day temperatures are part of the weather predictions. But don’t worry, this post includes suggestions and tips to help keep your yard and lawn thriving and healthy, despite the weather predictions.

Rain Rain and More Rain – How it Affects Your Garden

La Nina will bring heavy clouds, causing frequent rain and storms. Such severe weather could potentially damage your plants and flowers. The additional water will also dilute soil nutrients.

A combination of warm weather and moisture during La Nina can produce unpleasant mould or mildew in your garden. Keeping a close eye on your growing fruits and vegetables is vital.

To prepare your garden for a wet summer, with its additional rainfall and humidity, follow these handy tips:

  • Move plants into a protected area such as a greenhouse or stand
  • Keep compost as dry as possible by adding dry materials such as garden cuttings or cardboard
  • Build mounds around your garden and vegetables to create soil drainage and increase airflow
  • Trimming and pruning will help rejuvenate and encourage growth while giving plants breathing space from all the humidity
  • Fertilise frequently and use slow-releasing pelletised fertilisers for better results in rainy conditions

Temperature Matters

The cloud coverage caused by La Nina reduces sun and heat, resulting in an uncharacteristically cool summer. When plantation usually flourishes during the warmer months, you may notice that your vegetable garden will slow down during La Nina. Try not to be disheartened. Your produce will take shape next year.

La Nina and Your Garden – The Downfalls

Your yard and vegetable patches will need extra love and attention during La Nina.

Every week, check your zucchinis, cucumbers and pumpkins. If you find powdery mildew or mould, spray a mixture of 2 cups of water with half a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda. A spray bottle filled with half milk and half water also works.

After heavy rainfall, there is the potential of finding unwanted garden guests such as spiders and snakes. Be sure to wear covered shoes or boots and always wear garden gloves.

How La Nina Can Actually Benefit Your Garden

La Nina weather is challenging to predict, and conditions will change frequently. However, there are some positives. You might be pleasantly surprised by thriving green plantations with a substantial amount of rain.

The cooler temperature is also an excellent opportunity to plant in your raised vegetable gardens for early autumn.

With the change of seasons upon us, we trust the above information will help you prepare your garden for a wet summer.

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