Professional tips for a weed free garden

Maintaining a weed free garden may seem like a daunting task. Especially during the summer months, you want to be able to enjoy time in your garden. In this post, we provide a list of helpful tips to guide you in keeping your yard beautiful and blossoming.

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Here at Early Up, we understand how stressful weeds can be, especially when they overtake your garden. Following are our suggestions to help you keep the perfect weed free garden.

1. Are Weeds Destroying your Garden?

Weeds are well-known for being stubborn, pesky plants. They grow and thrive anywhere and everywhere, from raised vegetable gardens to lawns and flower beds.

To prevent weeds from destroying your vegetables, flowers and lawn, it’s essential to keep an eye out for unrecognisable shrubs or plants in each of these areas of your garden. The more familiar you are with what is growing in your garden, the easier it will be to identify and promptly remove those annoying weeds.

2. Why You Need to Start Now

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy spending time in your garden as you enjoy the outdoors. However, weeds also love the sun and are most prevalent during the summer.

When growing fresh produce, it’s crucial to understand the impact weeds can have in your vegetable garden. They can stunt the growth of your produce by competing for soil, light, and water. As weeding requires a lot of bending over, having raised vegetables gardens can make this process easier by alleviating the need to bend your back or kneel down while removing weeds.

With the months warming up, now is the time to start protecting your harvest and flowers, while keeping your garden weed free.

3. How to Prevent Weeds Invading Your Garden

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, right? Here are three key preventative tips to help you maintain a weed free garden:

  • Mulch it up – Thick layers of mulch will create a barrier for weeds, stopping their roots from reaching the ground. Also, mulch will block weeds from direct access to sunlight, preventing them from growing.
  • Mow Regularly – While mowing keeps your lawn tidy and well-kept, you will also remove the heads of weeds and stop seeds from spreading through the grass.
  • Weed Every Day – Consistency is key. Taking 10 minutes each day to do some weeding will keep your garden in great shape, saving it from a more severe problem.

4. How to Effectively Remove Weeds

With the right tools and techniques, you can say goodbye to weeds for good. The most important tips are to:

  • Pull and Remove – Roll up the sleeves and grab some gardening gloves. Using your hands means you can reach down around the weed’s root ball and yank the entire weed with its root, giving it no chance to regrow.
  • Using Effective Tools – For the challenging or taller weeds, a small hoe, sickle or blade will help to cut them down at the base. Keep tools sharpened, especially after heavy use.

Keep your garden looking beautiful and healthy. Let Early Up whack your weeds in preparation for summer!

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