Self sufficient plants guarantee beauty and appeal with little-to-no maintenance for any garden. They provide a much-needed solution for time-poor and neglectful gardeners.

The busyness of life often gets the better of us, leaving very little time for watering or pruning the garden.

Are you a Neglectful Gardener?

Do you long for a gorgeous garden? Does your busy schedule prevent you from giving it the attention it deserves?

Kids, work, and social commitments are part of a hectic daily schedule. It’s easy for us to become distracted and neglect our gardens. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for self sufficient plants to grow and bring colour while requiring little watering or maintenance.

Top 5 Self Sufficient Plants for an Easy-Care Garden

Check out our top choices of stunning and hardy plants:

1. Lily of the Valley

Blooming with blue or white bells in the spring, these beautiful perennials also have a lovely fragrance. Once established, the Lily of the Valley can easily be left to blossom naturally.

2. Russian Sage

Russian Sage thrives in dry conditions with their striking lavender-coloured flowers in the warmer months. Requiring minimal watering, they’re ideal for the busy gardener.

3. Oak tree

In Australia’s hot and dry climate, oak trees provide generous shade in any backyard. Enjoy autumn with its large leaves in shades of red and yellow.

4. Nandina

Originating from Japan, this multi-stemmed shrub brings out stunning-coloured leaves ranging from gold to pink. Nandina is durable in extremely low and hot temperatures, adding colour to your outdoor space all year round.

5. Peace Lily

As a low-maintenance indoor plant, the Peace Lily is perfect for apartment dwellers. Bringing warmth and charm to your home, they don’t need sunshine and are happy in a brightly lit room.


Expert Tips to Help Revive the Neglected Garden

Beyond using self sufficient plants, the following simple steps will help restore life and beauty to your yard:

  • Take a look at the different areas and conditions of your garden, and decide which plants will work best
  • Prune and trim existing plants and give them a new lease of life
  • Rejuvenate your soil with fertiliser – organic is best
  • While it can be a dreaded chore, weeding is essential to give your new plants the best start
  • Self-sufficient plants still need some attention in the beginning – water them thoroughly and add slow-release fertiliser
  • Place a generous layer of organic mulch to ensure water retention


Gardening doesn’t need to be too time-consuming or difficult. By establishing a low maintenance garden based around self sufficient plants, you can have a beautiful display without all the hard work.


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