Presenting our Expert Autumn Garden Tips

Presenting our Expert Autumn Garden Tips

Discover Top Autumn Garden Tips from the Experts

As we say goodbye to summer, let our top autumn garden tips help you start preparing for the cooler months. It’s also an opportune time for backyard landscaping and planning your spring garden.

Our Top Autumn Garden Tips for ….

From pruning to keeping your lawn lush and green, here are our practical tips on how to keep your autumn garden in tip-top shape.

Tip 1: Why Pruning Your Trees is Important

Our expert Gardenologist, Dan, strongly recommends regular and corrective pruning, as it keeps trees, shrubs and woody vines healthy, eliminating some problems while preventing others.

“Pruning encourages new growth and vigour. Removing select branches lets light and air reach more parts of the plant,” explains Dan.

Dan also says that ongoing pruning is vital to remove any plant’s damaged, diseased, or dead parts. “When left on the plant, these parts become a harbour for pests and disease,” he said.

Tip 2: Removing Leaves is Key to New Growth

Raking up the autumn leaves is more than just keeping a garden tidy. By placing old leaves in your compost bin, you turn them into leaf litter, which makes nutrient-rich compost to enrich the soil and help retain its moisture, facilitating your garden’s growth. For even better results, you can mix garden leaves with your kitchen scraps

Tip 3: Nurture and Feed Your Lawn Now

Grass tends to grow slower in the cooler evenings of autumn, but the soil is still warm. These conditions make autumn the ideal season to fertilise.

Aiming to fertilise twice a year will help keep your lawn protected during the winter months, ensuring it is lush and green throughout the year.

Tip 4: Why Plant Fruit Trees?

We’re lucky here in Australia, with climate and conditions just perfect for planting fruit trees. Plant them in an area with plenty of sunlight and watch them thrive. Allow sufficient space for your trees to grow, avoiding overcrowding with other plants or fences.

Tip 5: Time to Plant Your Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring will arrive before we know it! For your garden to display stunning spring blooms, start your soil preparation in autumn. Choose an area with good sunlight and well-drained soil. Mix in a few handfuls of fertiliser to maintain rich and healthy soil. Your garden will welcome spring with a display of vibrance and floral splendour!

As your experts in landscaping, gardening and lawn care, and passionate Gardenologists, we create beautiful, unique gardens throughout Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads, the Tweed Coast, and across the North Coast of New South Wales.

We provide quality solutions for your garden, such as:

  • Backyard landscaping
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  • Landscape garden designers
  • And much more

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We’re Winners of the Australian Small Business Champion Awards!

We’re Winners of the Australian Small Business Champion Awards!

Amidst the turmoil of the North Coast flooding, we have been crowned the winner of the Home and Garden Improvement category in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards!

Flood affected Landscape Garden Designers

Like so many businesses on the North Coast of New South Wales, we were severely affected by the recent flooding. The flood water levels reached 1.5 metres within our workshop. We lost thousands of dollars in tools and machinery, including several brand-new utes.

After the flooding, Dan White, owner of Early Up, pulled together with his team to salvage what was left of his business. They spent days cleaning out the toxic sludge. Dan managed to source temporary hire utes, and amazingly within one week they were back up and running.

After the devastation of the floods, it was so uplifting to receive a phone call about the re-scheduled awards… a real ‘pick-me-up’ that we all desperately needed. Early Up’s Operations Manager Vanessa and Dan flew down to Sydney for the award presentation at The Star Casino on Saturday. As you can imagine, it was a very emotional moment for us when we were announced the winners.

About the Australian Small Business Champion Awards

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is a prestigious and comprehensive program that supports and recognises small businesses across Australia. Offering a unique opportunity to highlight Australia’s most outstanding small businesses, the awards seek to recognise the hard work that business owners contribute to the local community in generating employment for millions of Australians, as well as their contribution to the Australian economy. The awards are the pinnacle of business success. They recognise the values associated with successful businesses.

We’re back out helping the clean up through Backyard Landscaping

It will take months to fully recover from this natural disaster. However, we feel incredibly grateful that we’re up and running again. We’re also thankful to be able to be able to work on projects helping flood victims who have lost everything. Plants and gardens play an important role in the recovery process. They are scientifically proven to enhance one’s mood and lower stress and anxiety. Every little bit helps.

We can all do our part to help small businesses bounce back after the flooding. Your business will help others get through these difficult times. If you need any lawn, garden care, or landscaping for your property, please contact Early Up. Together as a community, we’ll get through this.

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As your local Gardenologists, we provide expert gardening and landscaping design in Murwillumbah, Tweed Heads, Tweed Coast and across the beautiful North Coast of New South Wales.

Do you need help cleaning up your flood affected garden? Let us help you recreate the garden of your dreams. Call us to learn more on 0448 300 736.