Australians love a low maintenance garden, so using native plants is a great option to consider when planning your front and back yards. Aside from their resilience to our harsh climate, a native garden has many more benefits. Here at Early Up, our team of landscape garden designers have compiled our list of reasons native plants make an excellent choice for your backyard landscaping.

What are the Advantages of Planting Natives?

Most native plants are wonderfully unique to Australia. They are also invaluable to our environment, wildlife and much more.

Plant Survival

For those who don’t have a naturally green thumb, native plants may be your saving grace. Highly resilient in Australia’s ever changing and extreme conditions, native plants can survive through droughts and excess rain. They require minimal watering in their first year of growth. After that, native plants can thrive on rainfall alone.

Birds and Bees Love Them

There’s a beautiful harmony that exists between Australian natives and local wildlife. Using a variety of different native plant species in your garden offers different food sources for native birds, bees and other local animals.

Native flowers provide sweet nectar, attracting pollinators such as:

  • Hummingbirds
  • Native bees
  • Butterflies
  • Moths
  • Bats

Nuts, seeds and fruits sourced from native plants can also entice wildlife including:

  • Reptiles
  • Small mammals
  • Frogs

Your native garden also provides shelter, protecting wildlife from predators. Sit and watch your backyard flourish as a beautiful and functional wildlife sanctuary.

No Chemicals Required

Regular fertiliser and pesticide treatments are necessary for maintaining exotic plants and lawns. The main ingredients in fertiliser include phosphorus and nitrogen, which can cause excessive algae growth. This will result in a significant reduction to oxygen content in water, risking serious harm for aquatic life.

Chemical pesticides can be equally detrimental to the natural environment and wildlife. When used excessively, the toxic elements in pesticides are prone to contaminating soil and waterways.

Native gardens, on the other hand, are generally chemical-free. By using native plants in your garden, you’re helping protect remaining native vegetation, which is a vital source of food and shelter for local wildlife. Also, native plants help preserve biodiversity.

Overall, native plants contribute to thriving eco-systems which help to:

  • Clean water
  • Purify air
  • Maintain healthy soil life
  • Regulate climate
  • Provide natural resources for food

Your native garden will also be your significant contribution to a healthy, natural environment. There is no reason more meaningful and valuable than to keep native plants and animals alive and well in your backyard.

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